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Home at Last

Getting ready for the big day was a lot of work and expensive…think long and hard before you decide to bring home any type of farm animal. Luckily I knew what I was getting into, volunteering at The Barnyard Sanctuary prepared me for the work involved and the expenses.

First I had to order a shed and luckily my husband is super handy and built the beautiful base. Next came the fencing, it must be goat proof or they’ll be running through your neighborhood!

I read everything I possibly could about raising goats to prepare for their arrival. My first trip to Tractor Supply was almost better than going shopping at my favorite mall. I bought all the essentials: thermometer, water buckets, hoof trimmers, minerals and of course treats!

The day we went to bring them home was one of the best days of my life. I was so excited and happy and not one bit nervous.

We brought them home in the back of our Jeep. We put down plastic and sheet and I sat with them. At one point on the ride home Cola tried to jump into the front seat with my husband!

We got them home and into their pen with no problems. They settled in nicely and were so curious about everything! My sweet sister Barbara was the first to meet them and brought them a welcome gift of carrots which they loved.

They cried when we left the pen and it broke my heart but I knew I couldn’t stay in there all day and night, it was like crate training a puppy. They would stop after a few minutes.  For about a week or so they would cry when we left the pen until they realized we would always be coming back. Our lives have changed forever since they have joined our family, for the better.


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