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He always wanted Ducks.

My husband loves ducks. Ever since I’ve known him he said that one day he would love to have ducks. He does not like chickens, except to eat. So, one day back in April a few days before our 15th wedding anniversary I had gone to Tractor Supply to get a few things for the goats and came home with 2 baby ducklings. Yup, I was suckered in by all those cute ducklings. I ended up with Khaki Campbells, had no idea what to expect.

I bought everything they told me to; heat lamp, feeder, waterer, feed, special pro-biotics to help them grow up and be healthy. They peep when they are babies and they peeped all the way home, I felt terrible that they were in that little box with holes, probably scared to death. They were 4 days old and cute as can be.


Growing so fast!

Now at that young of an age it is almost impossible to tell the sex. I was told they were most likely female but no guarantees. All of them were a beautiful light, mocha brown color but there was one that was darker, I chose that one and a lighter one.


Getting their adult feathers.

My husband wasn’t too thrilled at first but then once he held them and watched them, he was in love. He takes the best care of them. And of course the darker one turned out to be a male, so we have Bonnie and Clyde. Once they were old enough we moved them outside. During the day they hang with the goats and at night we put them in their own house. The most amazing thing is how fast they grow.


Having a swim in the garden.

*Note: We were very disappointed when they didn’t bond with us, we found out that in order for them to bond with humans it has to be within the first 48 hours of them hatching. They aren’t terrified of us but they don’t like to be held.


Bonnie and Clyde, all grown up!

We were so excited when right on time Bonnie laid her first egg! We happened to be vacationing in Italy when I got a text from our petsitter with a photo of her egg. I was bummed we weren’t there but happy she is healthy and happy to be laying.


Very first egg!

So, what to do with them? My husband and I were reluctant to eat them, I’m not sure why…but then I fried one up and took a bite. It was delicious but it still was a little creepy. I gave the rest to our dog. She loved it. After thinking about it, I thought how silly, they are perfect, organic, fresh eggs. So I made a frittata. It was so good and my husband ate it too. I also used them to make a birthday cake, they are supposed to be the best for baking ¬†because they are denser. I will say they taste a bit more “eggy” than a chicken egg and they are thicker.

Now we have a fresh supply of eggs, she lays one a day in almost the exact same spot. Never have to buy eggs again.

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