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Fashionable Farmgirl

I’ve posted about farming and food but you are probably wondering where the fashion comes in. I have always loved fashion. Most people’s memories are tied to songs or places, mine are all about what I was wearing. The first thing I think about when I get an invitation is, what am I going to wear? It doesn’t matter if it’s a casual dinner with friends or a black tie affair, what am I going to wear?


I worked as a buyer in NYC for 12 years and then had my own boutique for 5 years. I am no longer in the industry but fashion is still important in my life. But now with 16 animals fashion is no longer at the top. And yes, it’s 16 now, we adopted an 8 month old black lab mix named Chloe. She is absolutely precious.

The biggest change going from fashion girl to farm girl is I don’t have to time to shop or read magazines. Another big change is not that I don’t have time to shop, it’s where I shop.  J.Crew and Anthropologie were and still are my favorite fashion stores, but my new favorites for farm gear are Tractor Supply and Duluth Trading.  I spend mornings in barn pants and muck boots but at night I get to doll it up.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 7.49.35 PM

I have to say I love shopping at the farm stores just as much as my fashion stores. Finding a great pair of warm, comfortable barn pants makes me very happy because January mornings can be very cold. I love my new life and have great memories of my old life…


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