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Living Our Dream

Back from my hiatus and ready to go! You would think that during Covid I would have had lots of time to blog but not so much; had lots going on and the best part of it was finally buying our dream house or I should say dream farm.

Closing day with our new mini donkey Poncho and his sheep.

As the accidental farmgirl one would think that I lived on a farm but nope, we had a small lot with our goats and the minis lived at rented barn a few minutes from our house. I had to go to the barn twice a day, everyday to take care of them. It was rough board which means you rent the barn, that’s it. It is much cheaper that way and I enjoy doing the work and being with the babies. (Yup, I refer to all our animals that way.) I have always wanted a farm and had pretty much given up on it, but having to go take care of the minis everyday was beginning to get draining and I really wanted us all to be together. Sometimes at night I would get a weird feeling or if there was a nasty storm I would get worried and sometimes even drove over to the barn late at night just to ease my mind. So, we started to look for the perfect farm.

The minis all together, getting along!

It’s not as easy as you think. Here in New Jersey different towns have different zoning rules as to how much property you need for each animal, so we had very specific needs for 4 goats and 3 minis. It took us five years. And the third time was the charm! We had offers on two houses that fell through and when the second one fell through, we had accepted an offer on our house. I thought I would have a nervous breakdown. But low and behold our wonderful realtor assured us that we would find the perfect house and we did! And it is the town we really wanted to live in with lots of farms and lots of charm. For those of you who are reading this and think of New Jersey the way most do that are from other states; New Jersey is beautiful and historic, with lots to see and do.

The goats have their own space in a new house and the minis hang with the sheep.

We now live on 8.5 acres with a pond, a huge vegetable garden, fruit trees and plenty of fenced in pasture for all of our babies. We even added to our crew and took on the mini donkey and ten sheep that belonged to the previous owners. We pinch ourselves everyday. I am now officially a true blue accidental farmgirl and I love every minute of it!

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