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Hoof Care 101

A very important part of horse and donkey care is their hooves. I knew this when I got them, but didn’t realize how difficult it can be with a mini-horse that’s not tame and a mini-donkey that doesn’t like vets since he was treated for his bear attack. Our vet recommended that she be there when the farrier came so she could sedate them. Easier said than done.


Using some quite barbaric looking tools to get them to hold still while they were given the sedation shots was awful. Dominic, as strong as he is and as stubborn as he is, was quite the challenge but we got it done. I dreaded it after the first time and rightly so, the second time was no better.


Thankfully our vet told us about a product that is gel that you put under their tongue to sedate them that she has used with great success. So I thought I’d give it try to for the third trimming. I was a bit nervous without her being there, but she had faith that I could do it and I did! It worked like a charm. I also used a different farrier because the woman I used initially seemed nervous and just wanted to get it done. This farrier was a father/son team; they were so nice and did a great job. The gel was easy to use, sedated them just enough and they came out of it nicely. Now I don’t have to dread the hoof trims and neither do the babies!


Pretty Cookie with pretty hooves!


Bonnie and Clyde, Ducks not Gangsters.

My husband named our ducks Bonnie and Clyde. Their namesake movie happens to be one of our favorites; Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were the perfect choice to play the notorious gangsters. And what is about these two that capture our imaginations and romanticize terrible criminals? For me, it is the fact that it was Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway who played them, two of the most beautiful people to ever set foot on the silver screen.


Our ducks are far from being criminals but they are beautiful. Now if you haven’t seen the movie, I’m about to give a little bit away but nothing crucial to the plot and besides, we all know how it ends. The one thing other than their names that my ducks and Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow have in common…Clyde is not interested in having sex with Bonnie. Yup, it’s true.


The happy couple, ducks not gangsters.

Now when I got the ducks I’ll admit I didn’t know much about taking care of them. After doing lots of reading I realized that having one female and one male is not advisable. Why? Because the males are usually quite horny and will “overmate” the female, therefore tiring her out and essentially beating her up just to get some. It appears that Clyde pretty much leaves Bonnie alone…Thank God! If not, we would have to get another female so Clyde could spread the love, making life bearable for the females.


Our handsome Clyde. As with most birds, the male is the prettier and more colorful.

In the movie Bonnie wants Clyde in the worst way but he’s just not interested. Kind of ironic considering his character was played by one of the sexiest men on the planet (according to some).  He was also known to be quite the ladies man. My Bonnie has no interest, so it works for them and for us…we don’t need another animal.

And one more thing about this movie; the costumes, the fashion. I love it. Faye Dunaway’s dress in the first scene is just beautiful. Simple, perfect for the time period. Warren Beatty’s hats and vests suited him so well. My favorite outfit of Faye’s was when she wears the scarf around her neck and the beret. I loved it so much, my husband and I went as Bonnie and Clyde to a Halloween party several years ago.


Bonnie and Clyde.

If you haven’t seen the movie, you must. When you do, think of our ducks.


Not your Typical Farm…Girl

Yes, we have 16 animals and no, we do not live on a farm. This is confusing to most people. We live in a town that has lots of farms and large pieces of property, but we have a small lot that happens to be in the part of town that is zoned for farms. The goats, ducks, rabbits, cats and dogs all live on our property; we rent a barn in town for the minis.


This amazing barn is 200 years old!

What does this mean for me? Lots of work. People call me crazy. I call it a labor of love. Most farmers have a field and tractor to spread manure or they have dumpster that gets picked up and carted away. I have neither of these things.


Some cuddles after cleaning their house. You can see our neighbors houses in the background. We are very lucky that they are animal lovers too!

The goat manure, rabbit poo and duck poo all gets put into large muck buckets and empty bedding bags, then loaded into my pick-up truck, driven up the street to a friends field, where I empty the manure and spread it out. I do this once or twice a week, depending on how messy the babies are.


My truck in the field where we spread the goat manure.

As for the minis I go to the barn every morning to let them out into their pasture, I then go back in the evening to “put them to bed”. Everyday I clean their stalls and give them fresh hay and water. I also put hay in their run-in in the pasture and water for them during the day. In the winter when it’s below freezing I have to bring hot water in gallon jugs to add to the cold well water so they have warm water to drink.


Dominic, Coco and Cookie enjoying fresh hay in their pasture.

And the mini manure you ask? I load it into muck buckets and a wheel barrow, the buckets get loaded into a wagon, which I then pull down into the field behind the pasture. They are emptied and so is the wheel barrow which I then lug up the hill. It’s not a big hill but it’s enough to make it tough.


Due to all this heaving lifting and lugging I hurt my back, so my husband has been helping me a lot more, he is the BEST! I clean the stalls and he does the lifting and lugging.

It may be a lot of work but I love it. I love being outside and watching the babies have fun. Cola is always right by my side when I am cleaning the goat house or rabbit hutches, which can be a bit challenging, especially when he’s trying to head butt me! When I clean the barn, the minis and Dominic will watch me and walk in and out of the barn just checking things out.


My Cola, always a helper. Here he is “helping” me clean out the rabbit hutches.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for these animals, having them in our lives is a dream come true.

The story of My Dominic the Mini-Donkey

Dominic is my love. I love all of my animals, but there is just something about him that melts my heart whenever I see that sweet face. The first time I saw him was on one of my usual Saturday volunteer days, he was in a pen by himself and looked sad and confused. He had come to the sanctuary a few days before.


This was taken a few days after he arrived at the sanctuary. His halter had been too tight so we took it off, you can see the mark across his nose. Poor baby.

Now many of the animals that come to the sanctuary have come from bad situations, this was not the case with Dominic. Dominic had been bought for a little girl when he was a baby to be her pet and to be a companion animal for a horse. The horse had recently passed and so Dominic was now alone. His owners had planned to keep him but then something horrible happened. Dominic was attacked by a bear in December 2015.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 3.08.17 PM.png


His owners realized he was missing and he was found in the neighbors empty in-ground pool with wounds to his neck and hind quarters. He was sedated to get him out of the pool and he received 16 stitches in his back left thigh. He had lots of scratches on his face and neck but he survived.


Shortly after arriving at the sanctuary he turned 16, I made him this vegan carrot cake to celebrate!

The owners were afraid that the bear would come back and that he really needed to be other animals of his kind, so they decided the best thing would be for him to go to the sanctuary. That’s where I come in. Just one look and I was hooked. I knew nothing about him at the time, I went into the pen and slowly approached him and he was such a mush. I fell instantly.


I’m pretty sure our feelings are mutual.

The sanctuary’s owner saw me in the pen with him and came over to tell me his story, that made me love him even more. From that day we sponsored him (made a monthly donation towards his care) and told him that one day he would come and live us. And now he does….to be continued.


Dominic in his new forever home, safe from bears.

Fashionable Farmgirl

I’ve posted about farming and food but you are probably wondering where the fashion comes in. I have always loved fashion. Most people’s memories are tied to songs or places, mine are all about what I was wearing. The first thing I think about when I get an invitation is, what am I going to wear? It doesn’t matter if it’s a casual dinner with friends or a black tie affair, what am I going to wear?


I worked as a buyer in NYC for 12 years and then had my own boutique for 5 years. I am no longer in the industry but fashion is still important in my life. But now with 16 animals fashion is no longer at the top. And yes, it’s 16 now, we adopted an 8 month old black lab mix named Chloe. She is absolutely precious.

The biggest change going from fashion girl to farm girl is I don’t have to time to shop or read magazines. Another big change is not that I don’t have time to shop, it’s where I shop.  J.Crew and Anthropologie were and still are my favorite fashion stores, but my new favorites for farm gear are Tractor Supply and Duluth Trading.  I spend mornings in barn pants and muck boots but at night I get to doll it up.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 7.49.35 PM

I have to say I love shopping at the farm stores just as much as my fashion stores. Finding a great pair of warm, comfortable barn pants makes me very happy because January mornings can be very cold. I love my new life and have great memories of my old life…


You say Frittata, I say Duck Eggs!

When we finally got up the nerve to eat the eggs, of course we discovered how delicious they are. One of my favorite things to make with the duck eggs is a frittata; super easy and so good.


One of the great things about a frittata is that you can add just about anything you like. I made the first one out of potatoes, mushrooms, shallots and fresh chives from our garden. Feel free to experiment-use tomatoes, cheese, spinach, broccoli, peppers and list goes on…



8 Duck eggs

2 Yukon Gold potatoes-chopped into small cubes (I like mine very small)

1 Shallot, diced

1/2 Cup mushrooms, chopped

2 Tbs Chives, diced

2 Tbs Water

1 to 2 Tbs Butter (Plus more for preparing the pie pan)

Salt and pepper to taste



To do:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Bring a medium pot of salted water to a boil and add potatoes, turn down to a low boil and cook until tender, about 12 to 15 minutes. Drain.

While the potatoes are cooking, prepare a pie pan by lightly greasing with butter.

Add 1 Tbs butter to a large skillet over medium heat, add shallots and potatoes. Cook until potatoes start to brown, it can take some time and you will probably need to add the other Tbs of butter at some point. Add the mushrooms and most of the chives. Cook until mushrooms are tender. Turn off heat and let cool while preparing the eggs.

Crack the eggs into a large bowl and add the water, whisk until well blended. Add the potato mixture and combine well. Pour into prepared pie pan. Sprinkle the remainder of the chives on top of the eggs.

Bake 35 to 40 minutes until firm. Remove from oven and let cool for 10 minutes or so before slicing.


Serve with oj, coffee, tea, toast or fruit salad, whatever makes you happy! This is a great dish to serve for brunch. Enjoy!



He always wanted Ducks.

My husband loves ducks. Ever since I’ve known him he said that one day he would love to have ducks. He does not like chickens, except to eat. So, one day back in April a few days before our 15th wedding anniversary I had gone to Tractor Supply to get a few things for the goats and came home with 2 baby ducklings. Yup, I was suckered in by all those cute ducklings. I ended up with Khaki Campbells, had no idea what to expect.

I bought everything they told me to; heat lamp, feeder, waterer, feed, special pro-biotics to help them grow up and be healthy. They peep when they are babies and they peeped all the way home, I felt terrible that they were in that little box with holes, probably scared to death. They were 4 days old and cute as can be.


Growing so fast!

Now at that young of an age it is almost impossible to tell the sex. I was told they were most likely female but no guarantees. All of them were a beautiful light, mocha brown color but there was one that was darker, I chose that one and a lighter one.


Getting their adult feathers.

My husband wasn’t too thrilled at first but then once he held them and watched them, he was in love. He takes the best care of them. And of course the darker one turned out to be a male, so we have Bonnie and Clyde. Once they were old enough we moved them outside. During the day they hang with the goats and at night we put them in their own house. The most amazing thing is how fast they grow.


Having a swim in the garden.

*Note: We were very disappointed when they didn’t bond with us, we found out that in order for them to bond with humans it has to be within the first 48 hours of them hatching. They aren’t terrified of us but they don’t like to be held.


Bonnie and Clyde, all grown up!

We were so excited when right on time Bonnie laid her first egg! We happened to be vacationing in Italy when I got a text from our petsitter with a photo of her egg. I was bummed we weren’t there but happy she is healthy and happy to be laying.


Very first egg!

So, what to do with them? My husband and I were reluctant to eat them, I’m not sure why…but then I fried one up and took a bite. It was delicious but it still was a little creepy. I gave the rest to our dog. She loved it. After thinking about it, I thought how silly, they are perfect, organic, fresh eggs. So I made a frittata. It was so good and my husband ate it too. I also used them to make a birthday cake, they are supposed to be the best for baking  because they are denser. I will say they taste a bit more “eggy” than a chicken egg and they are thicker.

Now we have a fresh supply of eggs, she lays one a day in almost the exact same spot. Never have to buy eggs again.